Miss Montserrat



Tabeanna Tuitt is a 21 year old proud ambassador of Montserrat, was born on the beautiful isle where she was raised in the village of Gerald’s. 

At present Tabeanna is pursuing a degree in Management Studies with a major in Tourism and Hospitality Management at the UWI Open Campus on Montserrat.  In addition to currently being employed at one of Montserrat's two telecommunication companies; FLOW.  Proudly she wears the title Customer Service Representative (C.S.R). Her place of employment has granted her the opportunity to further develop her public speaking as well as improve her inter and intra personal skills. 

Tabeanna is a caring, driven and focused person, who aims to positively influence people’s live whether through the smallest gesture. As an advocate for culture she intends to use her platform to educate the Montserratian youths about their rich culture. She firmly believes that in order for anyone to truly know themselves they must understand their culture and heritage. 

Ms. Tuitt is very active in her community as a member of the Rotaract Club of Montserrat and the St. John's Action Club (SJAC). In her spare time she enjoys drawing/visual arts, dancing, and playing team sports such as soccer, notwithstanding her volunteering and community.

With charm and grace Tabeanna intends to captivate and display the uniqueness and beauty of her beautiful island. Staying humble and grounded she is guide by the Bob Marley quote, 

“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver and gold.”