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St Kitts & Nevis

ST KITTS AND NEVIS – Orngel Erskine

Birth name: Orngel Erskine

Date of Birth: 12th April, 1992

Born in this 68 square mile island called St. Kitts is a vibrant, confident and multitalented young woman-Orngel. 

I am 23 year old Orngel Erskine and I made my inaugural appearance into this fascinating world on the 12th day of April 1992 to Andrea Walwyn and Nigel Erskine. Being the oldest sibling of 6, growing up in Soho Village, Basseterre I lived my life in a manner that would not only uplift my 5 younger siblings but also to be a role model for them in life.

The Beach Allen Primary school is where my early education started and there we lived by the motto “Unlock the gates to opportunities.” After primary school I relocated to Gingerland, Nevis. 

I attended the Gingerland Secondary School in Nevis, receiving numerous certificates for being an outstanding student from 1st form through to 5th form. I was part of my high school spelling bee team that won the 2008 Interhigh School Spelling Bee competition. To complete high school, I successfully graduated with 6 CXC subjects including 1 distinction. 

I continued along my educational path and enrolled at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College where I successfully completed my Associates Degree in Hospitality Management and graduated as the National TVET Scholar in 2011 receiving numerous awards. After attaining such an achievement it encouraged me to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Monroe College in New York, USA. I graduated summa cum laude honors and received numerous awards.

My zeal for living a bountiful life is polished by my adoration for the performing arts. I enjoy the dazzle of dance, the sensation of song and the intricacy of theater. Other than my leisure activities, I am the gold keeping specialist for the St. Kitts under 23 National Netball team and the defensive player for the Sparkle Shamrocks Netball team.

In order to be successful in life you must work hard to achieve your goals. It is my dream to play a crucial within the tourism sector in St. Kitts and Nevis and educate others of the importance of customer service as it relates to such industry.