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TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO -  Djennicia Francis

Djennicia Francis is a 24 year old native of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Born in Trinidad, she currently possesses an Associates of Arts Degree in Psychology and by the end of 2016 she will have her Bachelor’s in the same. Her personal philosophy is “Insanity is not having the courage to be yourself, and that very thing causes insanity” She is a passionate singer, reader, dramatist, writer, overall performer and minister. She is a vocal minister in her church, Flaming Word Cathedral and believes that in all she does she must make God’s praise glorious. She loves nature which lead her to try her hands at hiking and camping recently, which she thoroughly enjoyed. She is truly fun loving, smiles a lot and gets joy from making others happy. She believes that understanding oneself is one of the most important things in life and intends to live her life in a manner that proves that to others.

Throughout the years she has actively championed many causes with her church, mentioned above, and the youth group Praise City International Young Adults. As a group they have marched against domestic violence, child abuse, elderly abuse and so much more. In collaboration with the Police, other youth groups, the Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the then Ministry of Sport, Youth and Gender Affairs, just to name a few; they have held seminars to educate the populous about the aforementioned social ills, whether it be detection, reporting and information concerning citizens’ rights. They even hosted seminars in which issues concerning Marijuana use and distribution were addressed by doctors, rehabilitated users and members of the police service. She frequents and participates in many Cancer awareness programs as well. She has also starred in many of Heart-Line television’s programs as she continues to do her part to bring about awareness of the social ills of her nation. She volunteers annually at Youth For Christ’s Camp Glorious, during which she teaches children of varying ages the messages of Christ while simultaneously doing all she can to inspire them to be the best they can be. With her youth group, she has also been a part of cleanup projects at her local Home for the Aged.

In the next five years she would have earned her Master’s Degree in Psychology and would be gaining experience in same. Using the experience and exposure she gains from participating in regional and international pageants; she would have begun her advertising business, and would be working as a professional MC, performer and speech writer specializing in, but not exclusive to pageantry.

Though an ardent reader and lover of people, she neither has a favorite author or role model. To her with books as with people each individual aspect matters, the content is important. One may love a book but not every book its author produces as one may love a particular quality that someone has, but not everything about that person. As such, she has realized that she instead chooses books by their synopses and pays attention to particular characteristics in people that she believes is worth emulating and applies them to herself.

Djennicia is determined to excel in life as she enjoys every moment, truly finds herself, helps as many people as she can and makes her God’s praise glorious in all she does.